Help with food

If you're struggling to choose between heating and eating, you shouldn't have to. Up and down the country, there are charities providing hot and cold food free of charge for individuals and families. 

If you're looking for a foodbank, a community fridge or hot meals, take a look below. 

The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust offers people three days of emergency food which can be either collected or delivered from a local foodbank.

In order to apply, you need a referral from a doctor, social worker or Citizens Advice. 

To find your closest foodbank, visit the Trussell Trust website. 

Independent food aid network

If you need help with getting food, the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) can help you find a foodbank, which are not part of the Trussell Trust network.

Use the search tool on their website to locate your local independent foodbank.

Your local pantry

Shop for food and other groceries at discounted prices, starting from as little as £3 a week.

Sign up to become a member of your local pantry.

See if there's a local pantry in your area.

Community fridge

If you're finding it hard to afford food, Community Fridge is a service where locals can meet up, donate food and reduce food waste.

Food donated to the fridge is free to take home.

Find your closest Community Fridge.

Community grocery

Community grocery offers its members a range of food options at the fraction of the cost of a supermarket.

Click here to sign up to become an annual member of the community grocery and have access to multiple low-cost food shops each week for a year.


If you haven't had a hot meal in a while, FoodCycle provides hot food. While meals are free, a small pay as you feel donation is welcomed. 

Anyone can use this service. 

Find your closest FoodCycle.

Find recipes to help you cook nutritious and delicious warm meals