We're #ForAccessibleHomes, are you?

Did you know that just 9% of the housing stock in England has basic access features?

We know that too many disabled and older people are living in unsuitable housing, which can impact on their ability to live independently. We know that inclusive, accessible homes are great for everyone, allowing us to use our homes throughout our whole lives as our needs change.

In order to make sure that there are enough accessible homes for everyone who needs them, the Government, local authorities, planners, developers and communities all have their part to play to address the shortage of accessible homes.

That's why, every September, we run a week of action #ForAccessibleHomes, to celebrate what an accessible home can do for people's wellbeing, independence and overall quality of life. This year, #ForAccessibleHomes takes place from Monday 13th  to Friday 17th September.

Download the YouGove survey key findings

To mark its sixth annual #ForAccessibleHomes week, Habinteg commissioned a YouGov survey of over 2,000 British adults to gauge public perception around mobility and housing. 

The survey, published today (13 September) shows that 55% of British adults, who do not have a mobility difficultly, think they would not be able to live in their current home, due to its design and layout, if they become physically disabled. 

It found that, of those who said they would have to move, 77% identified internal steps and stairs as the main reason for having to leave their home.

The survey also invited people to consider the needs of some of the older people that they know. Just over a third (36%) of adults know someone aged 65+ who they think would need to find a suitable home as their mobility needs change. Of that 36%, three in five (59%) felt that it would be difficult to find a suitable property.

Here's how you can get involved

  • Follow us on InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn, and share our posts
  • Using your social channels, tell us about the accessible feature in your home that's made the lockdowns bearable, and mention us
  • If you've got a #ForAccessibleHomes story you'd like us to share on our channels as part of the campaign, email us and let us know
  • Read our research and share it with your friends, famiy and social media network.

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