Centre for Accessible Environments

Centre for Accessible Environments

The Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) has led thinking on inclusive design in the UK  for over 50 years.

The organisation - which is part of Habinteg Housing Association - works across the UK, and globally, with corporate organisations, the public sector, and cultural and heritage organisations. It is one of the leading providers of access consultancy and training in the country.

CAE has a shared mission with Habinteg to drive greater accessibility and inclusivity of all buildings, and environments, so that disabled people can be part of an inclusive society, and have choice and control over daily life.

The Centre provides technical consultancy and training in inclusive design. This includes consultancy access audits, design appraisals, and a wide range of technical training courses on inclusive design awareness to more in-depth technical access standards.

CAE launched its Pathways Academy in 2020. This fully-funded training program supports young disabled people into inclusion-related employment while helping to grow the next generation of access talent.

CAE provides free advice and support on access through its Access and Sustainability Advisory Service (ASAS). Its work in the housing sector includes supporting Habinteg developments, local authorities, developers, housing associations and statutory bodies through housing appraisals, and providing support to plan and deliver accessible homes.


CAE’s services include:

  • Access consultancy including housing design appraisals, bespoke inclusive design standards, support through RIBA stages, access statements and inclusive guidance, as well as compliance checking for the Lifetimes Home standard
  • Access Audits
  • Training on disability awareness, inclusive design and technical standards for  public and in-house delivery
  • Running Pathways Academy and supporting the next generation of access talent with training and mentoring
  • Access and Sustainability Service ( ASAS)  for London’s voluntary and community sectors seeking to improve the access
  • Access Publications and guidance, including CAE publications and design guides
  • Research on inclusive design and consultation with disabled people.

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