Complaints, compliments and feedback

We aim to provide you with good quality and positive services, but we can only be sure we are succeeding if you let us know.

We encourage and value all types of customer feedback including complaints, compliments and suggestions as it helps us learn and improve, we'll always be pleased to hear from you.

We operate a two stage complaints process. If you're unhappy with the service you have received, please use the feedback form below to log your formal Stage 1 complaint.

You can:

  • complain if you feel you've received poor service from us

You can also use the feedback form to:

  • pass on a compliment when we get things right
  • give us your suggestions for improving our services.

Does Habinteg have a Complaints Policy?

Yes, Habinteg does have a Complaints Policy.  We welcome feedback on our homes and services in the form of complaints, compliments or suggestions. This approach allows us to understand what our tenants’ think about us and to understand where we need to improve the services that we deliver.

We aim to resolve complaints in a fair and timely manner at the first opportunity. Please see the Complaints Policy below for more information.

Complaints Policy_updated March 2024.pdf  285KB

Complaints Policy _updated March 2024.docx [docx] 54KB

Are tenants able to claim compensation from Habinteg?

Habinteg’s Compensation Policy gives clear guidance on our statutory obligations and best practice in relation to compensation payments and helps us make fair and reasonable decisions when considering claims from tenants.

The policy sets out the circumstances when discretionary compensation and gestures of goodwill will be considered by Habinteg. It also highlights statutory obligations Habinteg must comply with in paying compensation in relation to:

  • Right to repairs
  • Right to compensation for improvement
  • Home loss and disturbance payments

The following categories of potential claims are covered by this policy:

  • Failure to provide specific services
  • Temporary loss of amenities or facilities
  • Loss of, or damage to, personal property.

Please read the policy below for more information.

Compensation policy 2020[pdf] 153KB 

What is the Complaints Self Assessment Form?

Social Housing Landlords must complete a Complaints Self Assessment as part of their annual complaints performance and service improvement report and publish it on their website.  Landlords are required to complete the self-assessment in full and support all statements with evidence, with additional commentary as necessary.

The Complaints Self Assessment Form should be completed by Habinteg’s Complaints Officer and reviewed and approved by the landlord’s governing body at least annually.
The governing body’s response to the report must be published alongside this.

Please read Complaints Self Assessment May 2024.pdf 353KB for more information.

When should I use the complaints feedback form?

Please use this form if you would like to make a complaint, compliment us or give us suggestions. 


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