To report a repair, please call Habinteg Direct on 0300 365 3100, email or log into the My Habinteg portal.

Outside office hours, please report emergency repairs to our out-of-hours service on 0345 601 3389.

How quickly will my repair be completed?

Emergency repairs are our highest priority, and we will make them safe within 24 hours. They will then be repaired as urgent repairs.

Emergency repairs (we will make it safe within 24 hours)

  • Total loss of electric power (please check with your electricity supplier first to ensure there isn’t a power cut).
  • Severe flooding or burst pipes.
  • Total loss of heating in severe weather.

Urgent repairs (attended to within five working days and made safe or fixed if possible)

  • No hot water.
  • Loss of heating.
  • Minor leaks or drips from pipes.

Routine repairs (completed within 20 working days)

  • Electric sockets not working.
  • Partial loss of heating.
  • Dripping overflows.
  • Repairs to internal fixtures.

Please note: urgent and routine repairs are completed within working days. The bank holidays and weekends over Christmas may mean that repairs take longer than you expect.

What category is your repair?

If you are unsure what category your repair falls into please refer to our repairs guide below or check with the Customer Services Team.

This guide covers:

  • repairs that Habinteg is responsible for
  • repairs that tenants are responsible for
  • how to report a repair
  • out of hours emergency repairs service
  • how quickly repairs will be completed
  • how contractors should behave in your home
  • what happens if a repair is not carried out on time
  • how we check repairs are carried out correctly


Front cover of Habinteg repairs service standards Habinteg's repairs service standard [pdf] 143KB








Front cover of Habinteg's repairs guide

Repairs guide [PDF] 257KB

Repairs guide [docx] 145KB