Our Corporate Strategy - Towards 2026

Our Corporate Strategy: Towards 2026

Habinteg tenant Ian Wheaton in the garden at his wheelchair accessible home.

For more than 50 years, we have worked to provide inclusive and accessible homes and neighbourhoods. With over 3,300 properties in England and Wales across 86 Local Authorities, we are as passionate as ever about what accessible homes can mean for the lives of people who need them.

We aim to help other providers and decision makers to understand the social and business case for building accessible communities. We do this by sharing both our technical expertise and the insights we gain working with our own tenants and other disabled people looking for accessible places to live.

Our consultancy and training team, Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) offer up to date technical expertise, both in the housing sector and beyond, enabling Habinteg to truly impact not only homes and neighbourhoods, but the whole range of built environments including work places, leisure facilities and streets.

Towards 2026

We are passionate about building a world that includes disabled people, offering places to live that meet their needs and providing the highest levels of independence, choice and control. To that end, we have devised a corporate strategy, Towards 2026, that will get us closer to that vision.

As noted in the first version of our strategy, we pledged to review the progress made against the plan annually. Having done so, we updated our corporate strategy in April 2023. The document now reflects the outcome of that first review, and changes we agreed for 2023. All updated items are clearly marked, with explanations for each change listed. 

Read our corporate strategy Towards 2026_updated April 2023.pdf 9MB.