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Get your home sparkling for spring with natural products

If you’re planning a spring clean, you might want to consider swapping chemical-based products for natural alternatives.

It’s possible to get impressive cleaning results by using affordable kitchen and household ingredients. They’re better for your health, are biodegradable and reduce harm to the environment.

Check out our tips.

Ovens and microwaves

If your oven or microwave is looking a little crusty, don’t reach for the caustic soda or Mr Muscle, try baking soda instead.

The Arm and Hammer Baking Soda company has details on how to create a simple paste from baking soda and water, which breaks down dried-on food, making it easier to wipe away.

Real Simple, the US-based home ideas magazine, has a list of oven cleaning alternatives to baking soda, all of which use natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Windows and mirrors

You can clean glass surfaces and mirrors using distilled white vinegar, which is powerful enough to dissolve mineral deposits and greasy smudges.

Mix distilled vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle, cover your windows with the solution and wipe away with a soft cloth.

American online magazine, The Spruce, has a similar recipe, but suggests adding a drop of essential oil to your spray to make it more fragrant.  


Believe it or not, chemicals aren’t essential for a germ-free toilet. Kate Bamber, owner of the My Plastic Free Home Instagram page and The Natural Living Shop, says that citric acid holds the key.

Citric acid powder contains a weak natural acid, usually found in lemons, oranges and limes, and works well on limescale.

“A great tip is to plunge your toilet a few times using a brush, which reduces the amount of water in your toilet, then add citric acid and hot, but not boiling, water. Leave this overnight and your toilet will be sparkling,” said Kate Bamber in a Daily Express article.

If you’d also like to remove a build-up of ammonia smell around your loo, try squeezing a fresh lemon against the outside of the bowl and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to focus on the base of the toilet and the floor, too.

Polishing furniture

You can make your furniture shine by creating a solution from apple cider vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice, according to Bristol based Scoop Wholefoods. Check out their recipe.

Scoop Wholefoods recommends using a soft cloth to dip into the solution, rubbing the mixture into the wood in the same direction as the grain.

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