Equality and diversity

Habinteg was established in 1970 when the disability rights movement was just emerging. Our focus and expertise is in housing and disability. We believe that people are disabled by their surroundings and by negative social attitudes rather than by their physical difference.

Because we are all different, disability is just one aspect of diversity.

Our aim is to ensure diversity underpins everything we do as a social business and an employer. We are committed to making the changes needed to bring diversity to the heart of our organisational culture. Rather than forcing change to show compliance, we aim to demonstrate that the reasons for embracing diversity are convincing, the pathways to becoming a diverse organisation are accessible and the advantages of valuing diversity are measurable and significant.

In doing so we aim to be an excellent employer, improve our business intelligence and further our cause as a campaigning organisation by exemplifying the practical, social and commercial benefits that diversity can deliver.