Equality and diversity at Habinteg

At Habinteg, inclusion is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to the communities in which we work and we recognise that in society certain groups and individuals are discriminated against. We take positive action to help redress the effects of unfair discrimination and disadvantage in order to ensure equality of opportunity becomes an integral feature in all of our activities. This includes:

  • The provision of housing and services
  • Recruitment, employment and training
  • Housing development and contractors
  • Governing body and management committees

Equality of opportunity is about removing bias, prejudice and stereotyping, so that difference does not impede any individual and the only acceptable form of discrimination is on the basis of ability.

Diversity is about giving value to the differences between people. Valuing diversity is about ensuring we work creatively with these differences to stimulate fresh ideas, broaden and enrich perceptions. By doing so Habinteg can empower every individual to contribute to our business so that we can achieve the best possible results by the best possible means. Embracing diversity is about changing attitudes and eliminating barriers, as individuals and as an organisation.

In doing so we aim to be an excellent employer, improve our business intelligence as a provider of housing, design and support services and further our cause as a campaigning organisation by exemplifying the practical and commercial benefits that diversity delivers.

We are a living wage employerwe are a disability confident employer  investors in people we invest in people