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"This is where I want to be" Mr Wheaton's accessible homes story

I moved to a wheelchair accessible bungalow in Raynville Crescent from a medium-sized housing estate in Leeds. I was on Leeds City Council’s housing list for five months, my application was a priority due to ill health. I’m a pensioner with multiple sclerosis and I live on my own. The estate was quite outdated and it was difficult to get out of my front door. 

Habinteg and Leeds City Council helped me move from an inaccessible dwelling to a wheelchair accessible home. As one of the first tenants to move into Raynville Crescent, I can now move freely move around my home, cook, do the washing up and relax in the back garden.

It’s great to go out when I want to now. My motability scooter gets me to the shops and I can spend more time with my son. I couldn’t really get out to see him before. The wheelchair accessible bungalow gives me the ability to live more independently. Entrances and exits are wider, and kitchen counters are adjustable. Sinks, toilets and wet rooms are easy to get to. Living in a single level home also means I can say goodbye to tricky stairs and broken lifts.

Now, whenever I think of my ideal home, I think, ‘This is it. I’m where I want to be’.

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