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Upcoming electrical safety checks: what you need to do

As your landlord, we’re required by law to undertake electrical safety inspections in your home every five years - this helps to ensure you and your neighbours stay safe.

From April 2024 onwards, we’re arranging visits to any of our homes that haven’t had a current electrical safety check, to complete an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). This means you may be receiving a letter with appointment details from our contractor, CLP, in the coming weeks.  

What’s an EICR?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report provides information on the condition of an electrical installation.

The report helps identify any faults, outdated wiring, or other issues that could pose a risk of an electric shock or fire. Its main purpose is to ensure electrical installations in your home are safe.

An EICR also highlights any areas of concern or recommended improvements in a home’s electrical system. It helps us plan for future maintenance, repairs, or upgrades to ensure the ongoing safety and efficiency of the electrical installations.

John Gilmore, Habinteg’s Customer and Building Safety Manager, said: “These reports play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, compliance, and proper functioning of the electrical systems in our homes. They help to protect our tenants and prevent accidents.”

Keep your appointment

If your home is due an electrical inspection, you’ll receive a letter, from our contractor CLP, with the time and date of when they would like to visit your home to carry out testing and inspections.

We want to ensure that everyone has a test that falls within a five-year period.

“Despite our best efforts and making at least three attempts to enter some tenants’ homes, to date, we still have over 300 properties that we’ve been unable to enter to carry out inspections,” said John.

“That’s why we’re asking all tenants to please ensure you keep the appointment time sent to you by CLP.”

If you can’t make the appointment, please contact CLP directly, as soon as you can, on the number provided in the letter, to make a new appointment.

After testing

Once an inspection and testing has been carried out, further work may be needed. This may be completed during the same visit or another visit may have to be arranged.

Old or outdated components will also be replaced and, the contractor will also install hard-wired smoke (if needed) and heat alarms in your home to ensure the property meets current fire safety regulations.

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