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Spend your improvement budget by March 2021

Our Tenant Led Improvement Budget gives tenants £11 per property, per year, to improve their scheme.

As the name suggests, how this money is used is up to you and your neighbours. Staff are on hand to manage the process and to ensure improvement works offer value for money.

You could use the Tenant Led Improvement Budget to:

  • Make small improvements to a scheme that are not usually covered by maintenance budgets like skips, fencing, painting lines for disabled parking bays, the removal of graffiti, or freshen up a tired area on your scheme like the tenants from Garth Marhas scheme below
  • Buy goods that will improve scheme facilities or benefit the scheme as a whole like a bin or bench
  • Purchase a 'one-off' service to benefit your scheme.

Please note that if any of these improvements impact upon future service charges, this will be made clear at the consultation stage.

If this year’s money for scheme improvements is not spent by the 31 March 2021, it can’t be transferred to the next financial year.

Applying for the Tenant Led Improvement Budget is simple, all you’ll need to do is discuss your ideas with your Neighbourhood Manager and complete a form. If you're not sure who your Neighbourhood Manager is, please contact Habinteg Direct on 0300 365 3100 so that they can advise you.

How Garth Marhas tenants spent their Tenant Led Improvement Budget

Tenants at our Garth Marhas scheme in Cornwall used their Tenant Led Improvement Budget to tidy up a small area of land that was looking tired.

Here's a before and after photo

Area of tired looking plant plant with unkept ground around it Area now tied up with grey pebbles

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