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Severe Disability Premium change to Universal Credit for some

If you currently receive Severe Disability Premium (SDP) payments and your employment status, family or other circumstances change, it’s likely that you’ll be asked to claim Universal Credit instead.

Previously, if you were entitled to the SDP, you were exempt from being moved to Universal Credit.

However, from 27 January 2021, people under state pension age are no longer exempt from claiming Universal Credit. This change won’t affect you if you’re over state pension age.

I get the Severe Disability Premium, how will this affect me?

How this affects you will depend on your personal circumstances.

One of the key features of Universal Credit is that funds to cover your rent will, normally, be paid directly to you, rather than to Habinteg.

Also, if your Universal Credit payment does not fully cover your service charge, you will have to ‘top up’ this payment yourself.

I’m worried about these changes, what should I do?

If you’re concerned about these changes and how it might affect your ability to pay your rent or service charge, please call 0300 365 3100 to speak to a member of our Income Recovery team.


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