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Revamped Living Made Easy site helps disabled people improve quality of life

Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) has unveiled its new look information website, Living Made Easy, introducing a wider range of features for disabled and older people, carers, health professionals and disabled children.

What’s it about?

The website provides advice on equipment that will help make life easier for disabled adults, as well as people with age-related conditions, ex-servicemen and women and the parents of disabled children.

It has a wealth of information and articles on independent living, assistive technology (any device, software, or equipment that helps people work around their challenges) home fixtures & fittings, health and wellbeing, mobility, personal care, emergencies, household chores, hobbies, shopping, clothes and more.

New features

New features include 'Our picks', which highlights simple products that make a difference, and 'Hints, tips and ideas', which shares articles written by product suppliers and assisted technology experts. The aim is to build Living Made Easy into a trusted resource for disabled people.

The site will also share inspirational stories about older and disabled people talking about the assistive technology solutions that have helped them live their lives in its 'Your stories' section.

AskSARA advice tool

AskSARA, an intuitive online guided advice tool for the public, is also a key part of DLF’s Living Made Easy programme. It provides impartial advice on assistive technology that empowers disabled and older people to live the life they choose, independently.

In three simple, prompted steps - choose a topic; answer some questions; get advice - someone can AskSARA for information on equipment.

As well as being home to AskSARA, Living Made Easy is the home of the Youreable forum, an online community of disabled people supporting and helping each other by sharing their experiences.

To learn more about the forum and find out how Living Made Easy can help you, visit

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