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Negotiate lower rates for mobile, broadband & car insurance

Many of us have a mobile phone, home Wi-Fi, and a car, but budgeting for them has become harder due to the rising cost of living.

From April 2024, mobile phone and broadband providers are increasing their prices by 5% in line with inflation. Meanwhile, car insurance premium prices have risen, in some cases, by over 50% in the past few months.

So, is there a way to pay less? Yes - you can haggle for lower rates or find a better deal. We round-up tips from the experts.

Mobile phones

If you have a fixed term contract with a mobile phone network and the fixed term is ending soon, the network will likely want to keep you as a customer, so this is the best time to haggle.

You can haggle with your provider even if you are still in contract. Ask them if they can swap you to a cheaper deal. You’ve got a better chance of success here if you’re a long-term customer.

You can also search for a cheaper tariff elsewhere and see if your provider will match it. When you’re looking for a new deal, don’t overestimate the amount of data you use. If you want to check your usage, try MoneySavingExpert’s handy Data Calculator.

And don’t forget you can sell your old phone on any number of free sites, if you get an upgrade and your old phone is in good condition.


Most broadband providers are legally allowed to raise prices mid-contract. This means your deal can start on a low rate and increase halfway through the contract.

There are a handful of companies that offer fixed rate deals where the advertised prices stay the same throughout the minimum terms. Price comparison service and switching site, Uswitch, has a list.

If your broadband contract is coming to end, look for cheaper options. You can either swap to the new deal or try asking your provider if they can match it, first. They may not want to lose you as a customer.

If you claim Universal Credit or receive other forms of government support, you might be eligible for a social tariff for broadband deal.

A social tariff is available from several broadband providers, which enables people who are on benefits to access an internet connection at a much lower monthly price.

Social tariffs are also not affected by annual mid-contract price hikes from providers, according to Uswitch. Uswitch has a list of Broadband social tariff providers,  deals and prices.

Swap car insurance providers

The average cost of a comprehensive car insurance policy is now  £995, which is an increase of £366 over last year, according to car insurance price comparison site

But even though prices have risen, it’s still worth shopping around. If your car insurance premium is ending soon, don’t just auto renew, look for a cheaper quote with another provider as you may be able to save money.

If you find a cheaper price, you’re free to switch or ask your insurer to match or lower the price.

If you’ve started a new policy with your existing provider, you have a 14-day cooling off period where you can change your mind and cancel the policy and only pay for the days of cover you’ve used.

MoneySavingExpert has a useful comparison tool, which searches through hundreds of insurers to find you the cheapest quote.

One last simple tip – consider if you really need to go fully comp. If your car’s older or not worth much, ask for a third, party, fire and theft quote.

Miss-sold car finance claims

If you’ve taken out car finance in recent years, you might’ve been overcharged interest and fees and be entitled to make a claim.

Before it was banned on 28 January 2021, some brokers and car dealers offered deals with hidden discretionary commission arrangements. This allowed them to increase the interest rates on car finance so they would get bigger commission payouts.

MoneySavingExpert has a checklist so you can find out if you could be affected by the commission model. It also has a free car finance reclaim tool to help you lodge a complaint about being overcharged and enquire about a possible repayment.

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