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In-Depth Assessment (IDA) by the Regulator for Social Housing

The Regulator for Social Housing (The Regulator) has concluded an In-Depth Assessment (IDA) visit to Habinteg. The Regulator oversees housing associations to promote a viable, efficient and well-governed sector able to deliver homes that meet a range of needs.

An IDA is a bespoke project carried out by the Regulator on all housing associations.

More about the IDA

The assessment is usually carried out every three to four years to see if a housing association meets the Regulator’s governance requirements and has the financial ability to deal with any adverse business events.

It’s carried out through a mixture of desktop research and visits (in person or virtual) to the housing association’s office. 

Each IDA is led by a senior Regulatory staff member who meets with board members and executives during the process.

The Regulator has met with Habinteg Board members as well as members of the Executive Management Team.  We will keep tenants updated once the outcome is known, this is expected to be late June 2021.

What is a good IDA rating?

A housing association is deemed overall compliant if it receives a viability rating of V1 or V2, and a governance rating G1 or G2 (Habinteg received the top rating of V1/G1 at its last assessment).

An association is deemed non-compliant if they receive a viability rating of V3 or V4, and a governance rating of G3 and G4. If this happens, the Regulator will usually agree an improvement plan with the housing association and re-inspect after an agreed period.

To read about the results of our Stability Check in December visit

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