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Habinteg tenants can register their interest for a home swap

Habinteg has signed up with the not-for-profit mutual housing exchange service, House Exchange, for another year to give our tenants free access to register for a home swap.

This means you will have more options for a move if you want to move to another area or even if you want to swap with someone in the same street.

Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is where a social housing tenant applies to swap houses with another social housing tenant as long as they both agree, they have the right to exchange and their landlord’s permission. 

Tenants can register their interest on the House Exchange website and search for other tenants that also want to swap. 

How will this help?

Registering on House Exchange can help you if you want to move to a different area for work or for other reasons - as long as there is a suitable tenant wanting to swap.

And, tenants that want to downsize can swap with another tenant who needs an additional room. 

Habinteg’s Head of Housing, Sara Hendry, said: “House Exchange's mutual exchange scheme, gives our tenants free access to advertise and search for suitable exchanges with other qualifying tenants. 

“We want to ensure that we support our tenants with all available options to help facilitate a move if this is needed.  This option is in addition to, and does not replace, the waiting lists and Local Authority schemes that tenants can still apply to register with direct.”


You can register online by providing your contact details, your property and landlord details, as well as which area you want to live in. 

Once you have registered, you can search for other like-minded social housing tenants who you may want to consider swapping with you.

If you find another social tenant that agrees to swap properties with you, the swap needs to be agreed by both of your landlords. 

You will need to contact your landlord and let them know you want to progress with the swap in order for them to give you authorisation. 

Please note, as a Habinteg tenant, you can’t go ahead with a swap until you have gained permission from Habinteg.

Read House Exchange's Swap Yor Home leaflet for more information.

Register for House Exchange  

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