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HabFix has hit the road

MNM contractors and tenant Nicholas Balcombe in Tunbridge WellsLast month, our HabFix team kicked off its project and began making its way across our schemes to fix tenant repairs. The team has already visited the majority of Habinteg schemes with just a few to come over the coming week. Any repairs raised for ‘stand alone’ properties are being booked in on an individual basis. Feedback from tenants so far about the HabFix visits has been extremely positive and we are delighted that our team has carried out the works in a way tenants are satisfied with.

Of course the health and safety of tenants, staff and contractors remains our priority as we are only just emerging from Covid-19 lockdown, so we will continue to follow all Government guidance to work in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Speaking about the HabFix project Neighbourhood Co-ordinator, Sarah said:

“I really think the HabFix project is a great way to quickly get through any outstanding repairs that we haven’t been able to get to during lockdown. I have no doubt it will be welcomed by tenants on Habinteg schemes across the country. One tenant had been meaning to ring in with a repair for some time, but hadn’t got round to it. She was delighted to receive the call from customer services; she was able to add her repair to the HabFix schedule, and it was fixed.”

Tenant Ricky Squire joined by Habinteg's Sophia Dacey, Jody Davey, Janine Palethorpe and contractor KennyMichael Anderson, a tenant from our Braintree scheme, said of the launch:

“During the course of the day the service was fantastic. The contractors assessed the repairs and completed them in the same day. My light needed a fitment and the contractors quickly went away to retrieve it from the store and fitted it in. I’m so happy to have my light back and all my repairs resolved. I feel that this is a good move for Habinteg as it allows all the tenants to have their repairs done on the same day as oppose to individual appointments. A truly brilliant idea.” 

The HabFix scheme visits are well ahead of schedule and we expect the final days to take place by Friday 24 July.


First photograph: MNM contractors and tenant Nicholas Balcombe at our Tunbridge Wells scheme.

Second photograph: Tenant Ricky Squire joined by Habinteg's Sophia Dacey, Jody Davey, Janine Palethorpe and contractor Kenny at our Wylye Lodge scheme.

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