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Grit bin maintenance on your scheme

While we’re all hoping the worst of the winter weather is behind us, we thought we’d give you a quick reminder about how you can use grit to keep your communal paths and car parks safe in icy weather.

Grit bins are placed on all Habinteg schemes where there are communal paths and car parks. You can use the grit on the ground in snowy or icy weather.

At Habinteg schemes where tenants have a long-term, high level support need, are provided with meals or are not close to an adopted highway, we ask local contractors to grit communal areas and clear the snow as and when needed.

On all other schemes the grit is made available for tenants to use themselves.

What should I do if our grit bin needs refilling?

We fill grit bins in October each year and ensure there’s a sufficient supply of grit for December to April.

If your grit bin is empty please contact your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator or Habinteg Direct on 0330 365 3100 and we will arrange for it to be refilled.


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