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Get to know our surveyors: Meet Ian Moore

Hear from Senior Repairs Surveyor for the North, Ian Moore, about what his role entails on a day-to-day basis, where he likes to holiday (clue: it’s popular with wine and cheese lovers) and what he thinks makes a good neighbour.

How would you describe your job?

I manage three repairs surveyors in the north to ensure they deliver a great service to our tenants and work well with our contractors and staff. I also oversee works to vacant homes to get them ready for re-letting, as well as disrepair claims and planned works in my area.

How long have you been a surveyor?

I’ve just turned 60 and my first job aged 16 was in a surveyor’s department, so that’s 44 years!

What’s the best thing about your job?

Meeting and interacting with people. Every day is different and it’s the people that make it interesting.

How many homes do you visit on average, per week?

Not too many as it’s the surveyor’s role to do that, but I get out on our schemes three or four times a month and I hope that will increase in the future.

How many tenants do you help on average, per week?

I would say about a dozen.

If you were able to ask one thing of all the tenants in your region, what would it be?

Keep communicating with us, either directly to our Customer Services Team or via our Neighbourhood Teams.

Which scheme in your region would you like to live on and why?

Whichever one is nearest to the sea! And Yorkshire – God’s own country.

You’ve got a bonus holiday for being a great surveyor – how do you spend it?

With my family. Otherwise, I’d be out walking.

If you could have a dog, cat or a rabbit as a pet, which one would you choose?

Cats, always – they’re the best.

What’s your favourite Friday night takeaway?

It has to be fried chicken with chips and coleslaw.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Both. I always like to fill the day and usually stay up past midnight.

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

It has to be France. I love the food, wine and people.

What’s your idea of a good neighbour?

Always there if you need them, but not always there!

If you could choose, who would you most like to live next door to, and why?

It would have to be Billy Connolly, the world’s greatest comedian.

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