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Get to know our Head of Housing, Donna Holmes

Find out what our Head of Housing, Donna Holmes, would do if she was CEO of your region for a week and what qualities she thinks makes a good neighbour.

Describe what your job entails

I support our Neighbourhood Teams to provide quality housing services for our tenants. I lead on housing policy changes to improve services by listening to tenants and taking into account their views. I also make sure we achieve our goals and objectives across the neighbourhoods.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Visting schemes, meeting tenants and obtaining feedback to improve services. Being able to work with the Neighbourhood teams to make a difference for our tenants.

What’s the nicest thing that’s happened to you on your scheme?

I visited a scheme in our South West region and met a young tenant who had not been in her apartment for very long. She told me that before she moved into the scheme, she had been placed in a dementia residential care home for older people. She had been there for a few years because there was no suitable accommodation available. Her Habinteg apartment was beautiful and met all her needs, it was so lovely to see her happy in her new home.

If you had to be CEO of your region for one week, name three things you’d do?

Get to know what is important to tenants and colleagues, understand Habinteg’s priorities and have a plan to make things better for tenants and colleagues.

Which scheme in your region would you like to live on and why?

I haven’t been to all our schemes yet, however out of the ones I have visited I would like to live at Rigby House, Yorkshire. It is a nice scheme, in walking distance of Yarm, which is a lovely market town and a great location to access North Yorkshire.

What’s your favourite animal and why?

Giraffe, because they are so dominant looking, but very elegant, although I am not keen on their particular smell!

What’s your favourite staycation destination for a summer holiday?

The Lake District – I love walking, and the landscape and surrounding scenery are breathtaking.

What qualities make a good neighbour?

One who looks out for you and is considerate.

How do you think your Habinteg colleagues describe you?

Probably friendly and approachable!

If you could choose, who would you most like to live next door to, and why

Jenny and Lee from the reality television series Gogglebox – they make me laugh so much and I think they would be nice neighbours.


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