Our cultural values

What we stand for

Inclusion drives all that we do. We want all of our people to feel valued and treated with respect. We promote inclusive design of homes and environments. Our passion for equality drives us to push for change.

How we work

We are committed to building an organisation that is:

Agile – We will continuously improve the way we work, creating an environment that is flexible, enabling, resilient, and transformational.

Accountable – We will work collaboratively to achieve results. All of our staff will take personal as well as collective responsibility and ownership for achieving our goals.

Ambitious – We aim for excellence and will challenge ourselves to be forward thinking, positive, and progressive. We encourage and invite positive challenge and will work at finding solutions. We will question assumptions, provoke new ideas and think creatively.

Attentive – We will listen to each other, our customers and external partners. When taking difficult actions we will be caring, compassionate, and conscientious.