Lifetime Homes Design Guide

The Lifetime Homes Design Guide was published in November 2011.

The guide describes the design requirements for accessible homes that will meet the differing and changing needs of households as they experience life events. The guide gives the technical specification and guidance on the Lifetime Homes Standard. The design guide will help provide design solutions that can meet the broadest range of housing need and will enable simple and cost-saving adaptations in the future.

The Lifetime Homes Design Guide is published by IHS BRE press and written by Chris Goodman at Habinteg Housing Association.

Front cover of Lifetime Homes Design GuideTo order a copy of the Guide, please visit the Centre for Accessible Environments online bookstore

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You can purchase a downloadable version from our publisher.

We also offer consultancy and advice on implementing the Lifetime Homes criteria. If your enquiry is of a general nature please email or for a quotation for consultancy please phone 020 7822 8232.

Note: You may also wish to consult our briefing on Accessible Housing Standards (2015 rev. 2016), which compares the technical specification provided in the 2015 Building Regulations M4 (2), ‘accessible, adaptable dwellings’ with the sixteen design criteria set out in its predecessor, the Lifetime Homes Standard (2011).

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