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Wandsworth tenants welcome local MP Justine Greening to their accessible homes

Putney MP Justine Greening visited Habinteg tenants in Wandsworth to hear about the difference that an accessible home has meant to their lives.

Habinteg were celebrating their first ‘For Accessible Homes’ campaign day and were delighted that the new Education Secretary was able to attend her local inclusive housing scheme.

Tenant Jean Wynn was able to show Ms Greening around her home and garden and explain how the accessible features have enabled her to bring up her family in a home that meets her needs. Other tenants including tenant representative Alan Butler met their MP to talk about their experiences of this accessible neighbourhood.

Many Habinteg tenants and other supporters from across the country also got involved in the campaign with whiteboard messages explaining why they were for accessible homes.

Justine Greening MP said:

“It’s been great to meet so many of the residents here in Wandsworth.”

“I’ve really loved seeing everyone here on Habinteg’s For Accessible Homes day and getting a chance to see the accessible homes and gardens that the tenants are so proud of. It’s been good to hear first hand how having an accessible home can give people the freedom to get on with life.”

Chief Executive Paul Gamble said:

“I'm delighted to welcome Justine here to meet the tenants and see the benefits of accessible and inclusive housing in person. We’re grateful that she was able to join us today and support our For Accessible Homes day here with us too.

“London has been a great example of building all new homes to accessible standards since 2004. So, it’s great that we could show the benefit to people of accessible housing here in South West London today.”

Jean Wynn said:

“I’ve really enjoyed meeting my local MP and showing her round. I love my garden and the freedom that comes from my accessible home. 

“Hopefully by letting more people know about the importance of accessible housing here, more will be built and more people will get the opportunity to have the freedom we have.”

Habinteg is campaigning for government, local councils and property developers to recognise the importance of accessible homes and to increase the number of lifetime homes and wheelchair standard homes that are built.

To find out more about the #ForAccessibleHomes campaign please see: 

http://www.habinteg.org.uk/foraccessiblehomes, use the ‘#ForAccessibleHomes hashtag on Twitter or see Habinteg’s Instagram for more details.

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