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Paul Gamble welcomes Age UK report's housing recommendations

Habinteg Chief Executive, Paul Gamble welcomes Age UK's 'Agenda for Later Life 2015' report which recommends all new homes are built to the Lifetime Homes standard access principles.

Paul Gamble said:

There is a growing consensus of support for ensuring this country plans and builds responsibly to meet the needs of all its people. Age UK’s ‘Agenda for Later Life 2015’ rightly highlights the stark housing challenges older people are facing today. Unfortunately, without action now, things could get worse.

It isn’t a new concept or a surprise that we’ll need to meet the challenges of an ageing population in the UK. Yet the fact that there is still a debate about whether new housing should be accessible and easily, cost-effectively adaptable for the changing circumstances of life means the message is not getting through in some quarters.

All the research points to the fact that most older people prefer to live at home for as long as possible. Ageing in place in a familiar environment that meets your changing needs just makes sense. The government aspires to build over 1 million new homes by 2020 to tackle the housing crisis. So mainstream housing solutions that meet basic and fundamental needs of all age groups will also need to increase significantly.

Age UK’s recommendation to apply higher access housing standards (similar to Lifetime Homes) to all new homes has widespread support. Designing inclusive neighbourhoods that can be navigated and visited by everyone helps reduce isolation and brings the community to life for residents of all ages. Protecting Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) funding gives more people the ability to live independently in their own home.

That’s why we strongly support Age UK in these aims and recommendations and will continue to make the case for a future where accessibility in housing and built environments is assured without question.

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