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New free download - Meeting the housing needs of disabled people

A current and emerging issues study

We’re pleased to offer this free research report to use as a resource for anyone involved in development of housing strategy. It provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of legislative developments and practice material that has an influence on the availability and provision of appropriate housing to disabled people. It is based on the findings of a study commissioned from Habinteg by a group of English local authorities earlier this year (2013).

Collated into broad themes, the findings cover the impact of a wide range of current topics such as welfare reform, planning and housing standards, health and social care, care and support, equality and human rights, and good practice in housing adaptations.

Habinteg CEO Paul Gamble said:

“Habinteg is as passionate now about the power of inclusive housing as we have ever been and we are always keen to work in partnership with other practitioners. So we were very pleased to be able to contribute to the thinking of a group of local authorities seeking to develop their strategy for delivering homes and housing services to disabled people. We believe that the result is an extremely valuable overview of the issues that are influencing disabled people’s housing options in 2013, and we hope that others in the sector will find it a stimulating and useful resource.”

The report is now available to download as a PDF from the website at

Alternative formats are available on request from

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