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Habinteg's response to DCLG technical consultation on starter homes regulations

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Habinteg has submitted its response to the Department for Communities and Local Government’s technical consultation on starter homes regulations.

The consultation sought views on the details for the regulations to support the starter homes clauses in the Housing and Planning Act 2016, which received Royal Assent on 13 May.

Proposals contained in the consultation include a degree of flexibility on the age restriction for starter home qualification, a 20% national requirement for starter homes on new developments, some exemptions on starter homes delivery and plans to formally monitor and record progress on starter homes production nationwide

Habinteg believes that a full, long-term consideration of the demands of older and disabled people is vital if housing policy is to be fit for purpose, especially as the challenges of an ageing population become increasingly pressing.

There is a good opportunity to use some of the proposed changes in this consultation, especially those around recording housing delivery, to promote the socio-economic value of accessible and easily adaptable homes.

However, we are concerned that the emphasis on starter homes over other forms of affordable housing products and tenures could be damaging to the supply of accessible housing in England.

Habinteg will also be responding to the equalities statement and impact assessment alongside this consultation response as soon as it is published.

You can see the full consultation response from Habinteg here: http://www.habinteg.org.uk/responses/response-to-dclgs-technical-consultation-on-starter-homes-regulations-999

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