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Habinteg welcomes accessible environment specialists

National Housing Association Habinteg have announced their adoption of the Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) as a subsidiary after CAE members voted to support the move. CAE, a registered charity, has become a wholly owned subsidiary and has moved their operation across the Thames from Vauxhall to Habinteg’s Fleet Street office over the summer.

The move cements what has been a long working relationship and strengthens Habinteg’s inclusive design offer.

Paul Gamble, Habinteg’s Chief Executive says:

“Habinteg and CAE have a shared vision of improving access for disabled people and we’ve worked in partnership over the course of many years. We’re delighted to be welcoming them to the family now as their broad focus on the built environment is the logical partner to our housing expertise and our leadership role in the Lifetime Homes standards. Having an even closer operational relationship will make our combined efforts increasingly potent”.

Whist CAE continue to provide expert consultancy and training on accessibility in the built environment, their central functions including Finance, HR and Marketing will be supported via service level agreements with Habinteg. David Bonnet, Leading Architect and Chair of CAE says:

“We’re really looking forward to this new phase in our story. Becoming a subsidiary will help CAE to focus on our training and consultancy operation and we believe that combining our efforts with Habinteg will ultimately mean better outcomes not only for disabled people but all users of the built environment”.

Under the new arrangement CAE will remain a distinct organisation with its own business plan, board and finances.

About CAE

A registered charity, CAE has been the leading authority and resource in the UK, for over 30 years, on inclusive design and access to the built environment for disabled and older people. CAE activities include access consultancy, specialist training free information and publication of the quarterly journal, Access by Design.

Find out more abotu CAE on their website or follow them on twitter.





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