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Habinteg tenant, Rebecca Page, features in new ‘My Accessible Home’ video series

In the third in Habinteg’s ‘My Accessible Home’ video series, 24 year old tenant Rebecca Page explains the importance of her accessible home to her as a young person leaving university.

The videos highlight the personal stories behind the often technical accessible housing debate and illustrate clearly the value to people of accessible and wheelchair accessible homes in the UK. The stories in the series describe the challenges and often long waits to find an accessible home but then explain exactly what living in an accessible and adaptable property can mean.

Speaking to Rebecca for the video, it is clear to see how the practical accessible features of her home have made a big impact in enabling her to move out of her parent’s home after her studies. Rebecca also talks about her frustration at the delays to getting vital adaptations from the local authority. 

Rebecca says in this My Accessible Home video:

“I had a taste of independence at uni and I wanted to continue that. It has taken me 4 years to get this place….it means everything. It’s the difference between being able to live independently or not.

“I like the fact that this place is mine now, I have waited a long time for it and I intend to stay a very long time.

“I’m worried that accessible housing could be put on the back burner. It’s very important that this accessible housing debate continues and remains on the agenda of the people in parliament.”

Rebecca’s ‘My Accessible Home’ story is available to watch here:


There are 4 videos in the series and we’ll be launching the final video on the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December.

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