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Habinteg launches ‘My Accessible Home’ video series with a perspective from Alan Milner

Habinteg has launched its new ‘My Accessible Home’ video series giving personal first hand views on the importance of accessible housing to independent living.

The videos highlight the personal stories behind the often technical accessible housing debate and illustrate clearly the value to people of accessible and wheelchair accessible homes in the UK. The stories in the series describe the challenges and often long waits to find an accessible home but then explain exactly what living in an accessible and adaptable property can mean.

In this first video, Alan Milner describes his experience of living in an inaccessible home and having to move to somewhere that better met his family’s needs. Finding an accessible home to buy, negotiating with the local authority on adaptations funding and planning for the family’s future requirements, including those of a young carer, Alan makes the case for accessible homes clearly.

Alan says in this My Accessible Home video

“We had a lovely house, but it wasn’t accessible, steps everywhere, changes in levels, narrow doors and a really narrow staircase. We knew the house wouldn’t be able to be converted to meet our needs as a family unit. So that’s why it made it critical that we moved.”

“We needed something fairly level and uniform. From day one, we thought about it and built in the long term needs of the family into this house so we didn’t have to make huge adaptations down the line. We thought it through very carefully, we planned what we needed, we did it and we haven’t had to change the house hugely since”.

“I can be pretty comfortable that my house will meet my housing need in the short term, and more importantly for the long term.”

All 4 videos in the series are available from the Habinteg website and our Youtube channel. Feel free to share to share the videos as we look to grow the support for more accessible homes in the UK.

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