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Alan Milner’s ‘My Accessible Home’ story – Inclusion matters

This video features Alan Milner’s calls for accessible housing to be placed firmly on the nation’s agenda. Describing the great importance of accessible and easily adaptable housing to his family’s quality of life and the value of inclusive design in the wider built environment, Alan shows us how his beloved Charlton Athletic Football Club have got it right. Going to the football is a family affair for the Milner’s and the club’s work on providing an inclusive sporting experience is to be applauded.

From housing to leisure to family life, Alan’s personal story sums up perfectly the theme of the UN day – Inclusion matters: access and empowerment for all.

Alan says in his My Accessible Home video:

“Accessible housing is a vital component if we are to keep families together. We need to make sure housing can help build a quality of life.

“My message to parliamentarians, designers and builders is to have accessibility and lifetime homes built into everything you do. Into all the mind-set behind how we develop and design things”.

“It brings huge, huge rewards for the future…..We have a solution to the housing challenges of our ageing population - build accessible homes and get them on every bodies agenda”.

“The whole disability agenda in terms of access, jobs, through to accessible housing needs to be much more rigorously enforced.

All 4 videos in the series are available from the Habinteg website and our Youtube channel. Feel free to share to share the videos as we look to grow the support for more accessible homes in the UK.

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