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Accessible housing policy features in Housing White Paper

Habinteg responds to Government housing plans launched today.

Our Vice-Chair Andrew Gibson has welcomed the Government's Housing White Paper, following the launch by Ministers in the House of Commons this afternoon (7 February).

The policy document, which references the housing needs of older and disabled people and proposes measures that could help to increase the supply of accessible homes, forms a key part of the Government's housing strategy.

Andrew Gibson said:

“We welcome measures in the Housing White Paper that seek to deliver increased housing options for older and disabled people. We’re pleased with the explicit references to accessible housing and the recognition that government, local authorities and developers can do more to meet current and future demand.

“We hope the government will continue to progress with the strategy which has accessible homes and inclusion at its heart. With an ageing population, any long-term attempt by government to tackle the housing crisis must consider this a top priority.

“We know that it’s vitally important that we increase the supply of mainstream accessible and easily adaptable homes across the country so people have choices, independence and access to employment.

“With only 7% of homes meeting the most basic access standards, the options are as limited for young disabled people looking to buy their first home as they are for older people looking to right size for their needs. What is clear is that new homes should be future-proofed, fit for purpose and able to adapt to life’s changing demands.

We’re hopeful this White Paper creates the conditions for this to be delivered.”

You can view the Government's Housing White Paper here: 

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