Amy Francis-Smith: "The future has to be accessible, there is no other option."

Amy Francis-Smith:

Today is the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Amy Francis-Smith, member of Habinteg's Insight Group and Architectural Designer shares her thoughts on how we can reform legislation to improve accessibility in the built environment. . 

It's time the Government and the wider Society paid attention to discrimination within the Built Environment. There needs to be serious reform of legislation and adherence with the Building Regulations. Local Authorities and developers should be held accountable for their woeful lack of accessible housing. Designers, Architects and Planners must become advocates promoting inclusive design. 

I hope the powers that be can finally recognise and act to rectify the struggles that millions face daily. The issue can't be left to individuals, grants and charities to resolve, we need a systemic overhaul of the housing market. Creating large scale change for a vastly under acknowledged issue will only be achieved through Parliamentary support.

There are 13.9 million disabled people in the UK, the largest minority; to continue to exclude this huge swath of the community is criminal. We will all benefit from raising people up, giving the previously unheard a voice, embracing the abundance mindset and give everyone a fighting chance. The future has to be accessible, there is no other option. Now is not the time to halt or wind back progress and inclusion, but move together towards a collective vision.