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Shaping our future: you tuned in & we listened

Habinteg welcomed 24 tenants to its online Listening Day, on 18 September, to hear your views on your homes and the services we provide.

The day was one part of an engagement programme that Habinteg is running to help shape our upcoming five year plan. The discussion covered five main themes:

  • The quality and safety of Habinteg’s homes  
  • Neighbourhoods and local community  
  • Contacting Habinteg and what happens next  
  • Customer communications and tenant engagement  
  • How we use your rent.

Attendees used the day to raise concerns, highlight areas of dissatisfaction and suggest improvements on Habinteg policies and practices.

Their feedback raised a variety of concerns from the length of time it can take to complete repairs, to the overall quality and upkeep of some Habinteg properties and how effectively we respond to antisocial behaviour in some areas.

Some tenants also used the event as an opportunity to compliment Habinteg, sharing the positive experiences they have had.

Insight Group member Kerry Thompson said: “Attending the listening day was very important, as I believe that change only comes when tenants and disabled people have an input - there is a long road ahead, but I do believe that change is happening. Habinteg are listening and learning.”

Some members of the group praised the great service they had received on the phone from Habinteg Direct, our customer services team.

Habinteg’s Interim Director of Operations, Nic Bungay, said: "We are really grateful to the tenants who gave up their time to contribute to our first Listening Day. It’s so important that Habinteg’s future is shaped by our tenants.

“Hearing directly from the group about their experiences was extremely impactful and acting on tenants’ views will go a long way to creating neighbourhoods that people are proud to call home.

“We’ll be assessing everything we heard and will feed back to tenants on how we plan to make improvements in due course.”

Tell us what you think
There is still time to tell us what you think about our schemes, your homes and the services we provide. You can send your improvement ideas in on the freepost postcard provided with the  Autumn Update newsletter.


Take a look at our Listening Day Q&A for more information. 
Listening Day Q&A [pdf] 153KB


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