Data on wheelchair accessible housing

Aspire research (2014) found that:

  • Fewer wheelchair accessible homes were built in 2013 than in 2005
  • There are around 24,000 wheelchair users in England waiting for appropriate social or affordable housing.

The full report can be found here at Aspire.


Habinteg research (2010) found that:

  • The majority of homes in England (84%) do not allow someone using a wheelchair to get to and through the front door without difficulty and only 0.5% of homes are reported to be ‘accessible and adaptable’.
  • There were around 607,200 wheelchair users in England, living in some 586,700 households (figures updated), spread across all tenures. The estimate of wheelchair user households in England with unmet housing needs is 78,300, which translates to 240 households in an ‘average’ local (housing) authority with a total of 68,064 households