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Wild flower meadow at Whitchurch

Tenants and children recently planted wild flower meadows seeds in communal garden in Bristol. This area of the community garden was a bit ragged and had been landscaped following the dumping of waste materials. Using the “tenant led improvement budget” our landscaper was able prepare the soil for seed planting last autumn.

The seeds were purchased, and empty yogurt pots were used in readiness for the sowing of the seeds. Long serving tenant Peter put the finishing touches to the preparation by raking the area and adding some topsoil. Then during the school half term holidays with yogurt pots in hand, we set about the task of spreading the seeds, supported by the local children.

The children have been really well behaved and have kept off the area to let the seeds germinate and will hopefully see their labour of love come to fruition with a colourful array of flowers soon.