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Update to our repairs and maintenance service

We are always working to ensure that Habinteg services match our tenants’ expectations and deliver value for money. We have now developed a new approach to repairs and maintenance to deliver a consistent service for all tenants across the country.

You may have noticed that your local contractor has changed, or you may have seen new workmen and vans in your area.

If you have gas appliances, they will be serviced by Robert Heath no matter where you live. All other repairs and maintenance will be carried out by one local contractor for your area. We recently sent letters to all tenants whose contractor has changed to let you know the company details.

We have chosen our new contractors to ensure that we can deliver a quality service across all of our homes. With these experienced providers in place, we aim to offer you a proactive, convenient service. We want to make it easy to book appointments and ensure that work is done right first time.

We really value your input so in the coming months you will be invited to feedback. This may take the form of a meet and greet with the new contractors, speaking to your local staff or tenant rep, responding to feedback surveys after a repair is carried out or simply dropping us a line to tell us about your experiences.

For your safety, every contractor that comes to your home to carry out work should be carrying a Habinteg ID badge. If at any time a contractor isn’t able to show their ID, or you want confirmation of their identity, please call Habinteg Direct on 0300 365 3100.

Reporting repairs

All repairs should be reported to Habinteg Direct rather than your local scheme staff. This will ensure that your issue is resolved quicker, and you receive the best service when you to log a repair.

There are several ways to report a repair to Habinteg Direct:

Call on 0300 365 3100
Email direct@habinteg.org.uk

Go to www.habinteg.org.uk/repairs and fill in our short repairs form.

Stock condition survey

In 2018 we visited all of our properties to check the condition of key components such as kitchens, bathrooms, and windows, as well as looking at how accessible each property is. This is called a stock condition survey and we use the information that we learned from it to decide how we will undertake our planned maintenance.

Based on what we learned from the survey we have put together a five year programme of improvements and renewals for our tenants’ homes. The order in which they are done is based on several factors including the age and condition of the features in your home. You will be notified in advance of any works we plan to do on your home.

What is planned maintenance?

Planned maintenance is what we call bigger pieces of maintenance work that we plan in advance, such as bathroom replacements, external decorating and replacing your kitchen. This is different from responsive repairs, which is when we come and fix something in your home when you tell us it has broken.

This article was featured in the spring 2019 Update newsletter, you can read the entire newsletter here.