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Meet our new gas contractor

We’re pleased to announce Robert Heath Heating as our new gas contractor. Robert Heath have extensive experience working in the social housing sector. They will be responsible for the servicing and day-to-day maintenance of gas appliances in all of the Habinteg properties that have them.

We asked Gary McIntosh, Business Development Director at Robert Heath to tell us about Robert Heath and how they will be working with us. Read what he had to say below:

Robert Heath is a family business; and we are proud to retain the “family ethos and values” which are the foundation for delivering our services. All of our clients are affordable housing providers. We work with some of the largest social housing providers, such as Clarion and Orbit Groups, but we have also gained a reputation and expertise in delivering our services to smaller providers and specialist providers, such as Anchor Hanover, Haig Housing and now Habinteg.

Our Head Office is in Surrey but we can work around the country thanks to our continued investment in technology to deliver our services. For example, our engineers, whilst directly employed by Robert Heath, all work from home. They are equipped with the latest smartphones, to which their day’s work is delivered and from which they return the results of their work.

Our administrators, who are also spread around the country, are in constant communication with our engineers, and can add jobs or move jobs around between engineers, to ensure that we get to all our appointments. In addition to being local to the areas in which they work, our engineers all received Customer Service training, and, as the faces of Robert Heath, we place great emphasis on ensuring that they are polite and punctual and work cleanly and safely in resident’s homes.

We hope to work with Habinteg for many years to come and hope that the Robert Heath engineers and vans become familiar to tenants. Please contact us via our website – if you have any questions about the new contract.

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