Changes to your neighbourhood services | Tenant news and updates

Changes to your neighbourhood services

We’ve been making some changes across Habinteg to make sure we deliver a great service to you. We’ve reviewed our rents and service charge processes, improved the way we deliver repairs and maintenance and we’ve also updated our local services.

Your neighbourhood services are now being provided by Neighbourhood Co-ordinators and supported by Neighbourhood Managers. Local staff will be in touch to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have. Depending on where you live, it may be the same Habinteg staff member that usually works on your scheme, but some of our tenants might find that the local service is delivered by someone new. As always, our staff will carry Habinteg ID badges so if you don’t recognise them you can request to see it. You may not have someone at your scheme as regularly as before. So, the easiest way to speak to us about any issues is to contact Habinteg Direct on 0300 365 3100. The Habinteg Direct team can help you with all queries to do with your Habinteg tenancy. Our new phone system will ensure you get through to the right person, whether you need to speak to someone about rents, repairs, neighbourhood issues or something else.

Remember you can also email us or report a repair using our online repairs form 24 hours a day. If you have any questions about the changes please email us on

What does a Neighbourhood Co-ordinator do?

Our Community Assistants have been replaced by Neighbourhood Co-ordinators. Their main responsibilities are:

• Ensuring landlord services are delivered efficiently
• Empowering customers to become more involved
• Helping tenants with issues such as their tenancy, adaptations services or moving home
• Managing grounds maintenance and cleaning contractors
• Signposting customers to local support and advice services
• Letting empty properties.

What does a Neighbourhood Manager do?

Our Housing Managers have been replaced by Neighbourhood Managers. Their patches are now larger and most Neighbourhood Managers manage one or more Neighbourhood Co-ordinators.

Their responsibilities include:

• Managing the Neighbourhood Co-ordinators
• Ensuring landlord services are delivered to a high standard
• Responding to complaints
• Ensuring estate contractors deliver high quality services
• Working in partnership with tenant representatives.

This article was featured in the spring 2019 Update newsletter, you can read the entire newsletter here.