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A friendly reminder: don't forget to pay your rent

The holiday period around Christmas is traditionally a time to get together and share presents with family and loved ones. But for many the financial burden of Christmas and the expectation they place on themselves can impact their ability to pay priority bills over the holiday period and into the New Year.

Please remember to make your rent payments over the Christmas period so that you do not get into rent arrears. If you are already in arrears, please do not put your home at risk by missing payments at this time of year.

The last thing we want is to take action for arrears, so it is important to remember that you have a legal obligation to make your weekly rent payments. The income we receive pays for the services you, your neighbours and other tenants throughout the country receive.

If you have concerns about paying your rent, please speak to the Income Recovery team on 0300 365 3100. Habinteg are here to help, but please ensure that you keep up your rent payments so that you do not jeopardise your home.

Stay on top of your rent

If you would like up-to-date information about your rent balance, contact Habinteg Direct on 0300 365 3100, or you can view your balance online by login into your rent accont here.

We provide a number of flexible ways for you to pay your rent, click here to find out more.

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