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Meet our new gas contractor

We’re pleased to announce Robert Heath Heating as our new gas contractor. Robert Heath have extensive experience working in the social housing sector. They will be responsible for the servicing and day-to-day maintenance of gas appliances in all of the Habinteg properties that have them.

We asked Gary McIntosh, Business Development Director at Robert Heath to tell us about Robert Heath and how they will be working with us.

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Update to our repairs and maintenance service

We are always working to ensure that Habinteg services match our tenants’ expectations and deliver value for money. We have now developed a new approach to repairs and maintenance to deliver a consistent service for all tenants across the country. You may have noticed that your local contractor has changed, or you may have seen new workmen and vans in your area.

If you have gas appliances, they will be serviced by Robert Heath no matter where you live. All other repairs and maintenance will be carried out by one local contractor for your area.

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