Tenant representative

Tenant representatives represent the views of tenants in their area and also the interests of tenants as a whole. The role involves scrutinising, informing, and influencing policy and day to day business decisions.  Tenant representatives are volunteers who assist Habinteg with quarterly scheme inspections, production of the Annual Report to Tenants, and consult with other tenants on community improvements and other issues. Tenant representatives are an important link between Habinteg and tenants.

Tenant representatives are elected by nomination or by ballot on a given scheme or group of schemes.  

Tenant representatives work with Habinteg to share best practice through patch meetings, having the opportunity to raise individual scheme issues to build and improve communication.

“As a Tenant Representative, I feel that I can put a voice to the tenants' needs and requirements and we will be heard as a relevant body”.
Sandra Ruddick, Tenant Representative, London


Tenant representative activities


National Tenant Forum A iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar iconClock iconClock iconClock icon

National tenant forum takes place once a year. This is a meeting of the two regional forums on matters of common interest, including the development of policy and strategy. The role of the national meeting is to review and comment on Habinteg’s services and performance, including tenant involvement. 


Regional Tenant Forums A iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar iconClock iconClock iconClock icon

Regional forums take place at least twice a year.  This is a meeting of elected tenant representatives to provide a perspective on all aspects of Habinteg’s housing and support services, and influence the development of policies and procedures. In-house training is provided, the topices of which are chosen by tenant representatives.


Complaint Panel Hearings A iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar iconClock icon

Complaint panel hearings consist of two tenant representatives and one board member. They review the way that complaints have been handled, and consider all the facts of the complaint prior to a final report being submitted.


Mystery ShoppingA iconStar iconClock icon

The aim of a mystery shopper is to measure the quality of the service from a tenants’ perspective focussing on the customer experience. The types of activities that you would get involved in is carrying out an assessments of the services provided by front line staff and suggest ways for improvement based around scenarios on every day issues.