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Our policy briefings and reports focus on the issues around accessible housing and inclusive design. Our research reports deliver in-depth analysis on issues such as the impact of adaptations, housing need, welfare reform, and the allocation of properties designed specifically for wheelchair users.


Space to Move: Making efficient use of homes for wheelchair users

Space to Move looks at the allocation of wheelchair standard homes within social housing. It is a follow on report from Mind the Step, which estimated the unmet housing need among wheelchair users in England. Space to Move focuses on the London region where only about one in three wheelchair standard homes are allocated to wheelchair users – nationally the figure is one in five.

Through discussions with housing providers, local councils and wheelchair user housing applicants, the report identifies some of the reasons behind the misallocation of wheelchair standard homes and makes key national recommendations on how allocations systems can be improved.

Habinteg’s national recommendations focus on four key themes:

  • Make it a priority: All housing, policy, allocations and support agencies should prioritise efficient allocation of wheelchair properties to wheelchair users;
  • Know your housing stock: housing providers should capture more detail about their properties, their accessibility and the accessibility of the area they’re in;
  • Know your applicants: having basic information about applicants such as the size and age of the family can make the process more personalised and avoid wasted time;
  • Communicate better: ensuring that housing applicants can access detailed, relevant information about vacant homes is critical as is a broader view of the agencies that can be involved in making a suitable match. Health, social care and the voluntary sector all have potential roles to play.

From the report we hope that those within the housing sector, especially local councils and housing providers, will take action to improve their allocations processes and work together to ensure that wheelchair accessible properties are allocated to the right people.

This research report was published on Thursday 1st December 2011 and is available to purchase from this website.  The publication costs £4.99 plus £2.50 postage and packing fee and can be purchased using our publications order form or using the Paypal buttons below.


Space to Move summary report [pdf] 963KB



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