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Mind the Step: An estimation of housing need among wheelchair users in England

This report aims to encourage regional bodies, local authorities, housing providers and their respective partners, to prioritise the issue of wheelchair housing and take action in developing effective strategies at national and local level.

Mind the Step is produced and published jointly by Habinteg and London South Bank University and supported by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).  The research:

  • Demonstrates the extent of need for homes that are designed to full wheelchair standard or can be easily adapted for residents who are wheelchair users;
  • Sets out the legislative and policy context for developing more accessible homes;
  • Explores the significance of accessible housing in facilitating national strategies relating to inclusive communities, independent living, preventative services and personalisation;
  • Produces a national estimate for England of the shortfall in wheelchair accessible homes;
  • Provides a readily applicable method for estimating the shortfall at both regional and local authority level, taking account of specific demographic factors (e.g. age and income profile);
  • Makes recommendations on ways of reducing the shortfall and meeting priority needs for wheelchair user homes.

The report was published in July 2010 and is available to download below or to order in hard copy through the publications section of this website.

The publication costs £4.99 plus £2.50 postage and packing fee and can be purchased using our publications order form.


Mind the Step report [pdf] 2.5MB





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