Towards accessible housing: a toolkit for planning policy

Image showing two Habinteg tenants, a man and a woman, outside a Habinteg schemeTowards accessible housing is a toolkit for planning policy compiled by Habinteg and the TCPA. The resources within this toolkit aim to help planners, those involved in planning policy and local authorities understand the implications of the new housing standards, support accessibility within planning, and ensure an increased supply of accessible homes.

Many now understand that it is essential that future housing is built to be accessible, flexible and sustainable if it is to meet demographic realities. For this to happen it is essential for planners, politicians and all those involved in the development of new homes to engage with the realities of the new planning system. This resource is designed to be directly relevant for the English planning system but the data and advice may also be useful to planners in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

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Planning accessible homes: online scrutiny toolkit

Photograph of housing on a Habinteg scheme with solar panels Our scrutiny toolkit is a new resource which provides practical advice and support for councils as they plan to meet accessible housing demand in the local areas they serve. 

The toolkit is designed to help local authority Scrutiny Committees review their current policies and practice with regard to building accessible homes with background information, evidence of need and a checklist for successful implementation.

Habinteg is keen to support local authorities to increase the supply of accessible homes to a minimum of Part M Category 2 of the building regulations. Robust and strategic local plans will be required and we believe that this resource will help more councils prioritise accessible homes in future.

Download the scrutiny toolkit [pdf] 849KB