Our homes

Every one of our homes is accessible. More than one in four are designed for wheelchair users, with the others built since 1994 meeting Lifetime Homes standards of accessibility.

A Habinteg Lifetime Home at Westwood ParkLifetime Homes is a concept we developed alongside the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. It sets out 16 design criteria that ensure a new home is accessible and has flexibility of use as well as being easily adaptable. These features create homes that accommodate the changing needs of a household over time.

We are constantly working to improve the designs of our homes, to make them even more accessible, so that our tenants can live even more independent lives.

By developing schemes that integrate housing for disabled people with those for non-disabled people, we prevent social exclusion, tackle the negative stereotypes that disabled people face in society and break down the isolation and segregation many of them experience.

Our approach also saves money. By building Lifetime Homes we cut the cost of future adaptations if a tenant's needs should change, for instance if they have an accident, as they get older or have a progressive condition such as arthritis.

And by promoting independence, we help disabled people stay out of more expensive, segregated and institutionalised settings.

You can find out more about Habinteg's housing, including the regions in which we operate, on our property search pages.