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One week on: Reflections on the social housing green paper

Habinteg are pleased the government has addressed the requirement for more quality affordable homes. Recent findings from the English Housing Survey indicate 6.3m households England include one or more disabled persons. Disabled people are socially and economically diverse and the housing available should reflect this. We have seen that more people become disabled than are disabled from birth. With the incidence of disability increasing with age, accommodation should be flexible to allow adaptations. This flexibility often means greater independence and the ability to stay at home for longer.

Quality homes (across all tenures) must be accessible to meet the challenges presented by the national housing crisis. We often think of physical disability as being the challenge for the more than 11m people nationally who identify as disabled. However, disability can involve a combination of circumstances and health considerations. Some of these can be related to sensory impairment and age-related conditions as well as mental health issues. We support the government’s focus on affordable, decent and safe social housing. Accessibility must fall within these criteria to create homes and communities that are inclusive and accessible to everyone.

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