Sam Renke speaks about the accessible housing crisis | News

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Sam Renke speaks about the accessible housing crisis

We’re very proud of our tenant Sam Renke, who recently had an article published in the Metro online. In the article, Sam discusses how we need to change how we design housing in the future to be more accessible, adaptable and inclusive of disabled people.

She further explains how having her own adapted home has enriched her life in a multitude of ways, but points out that she is one of the lucky few.

The article made an impact in parliament when MP Liz Twist questioned Equalities Minister Penny Mordaunt on the provision of accessible homes in the UK. In the exchange, the Minister acknowledged that more work needs to be done with developers and homebuilders to ensure the provision more accessible homes. Both referenced and praised the clear messages put forward by Sam in her article.

Going forward, we look forward to meeting with Sam, MP Liz Twist and the Minister to work together on ways to improve the provision of accessible housing in the UK.

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