Championing inclusion

image of wheelchair user going through a door - lower portion of wheelchair only is visible

Our policy work supports our commitment to independent living and inclusive design. We produce and promote evidence to influence legislation, national and local housing policy and support best practice in accessible housing.

We work with central, regional and local government to support the development of inclusive policy and good practice. We also partner with other organisations to campaign for amendments to proposed legislation or the introduction of new or revised policies. Our commitment to the social model of disability means that we ensure the voices of disabled people are heard in our work.

We produce policy responses as well as as reports and briefings on a range of housing issues affecting disabled people. Our historical publications and research projects can now be found in the publications archive.

You can find out more about how our policy, research and best practice design expertise influences the housing experience of disabled people by watching our accessible video case studies.


Policy blog

Habinteg and Equality and Human Rights Commission release free accessible housing toolkits.

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Habinteg has created a toolkit designed to help local government leaders improve the availability and management of housing for disabled people. The document offers best practise approaches and practical tools to empower local authorities to consult, provide useful adaptations, assess housing stock and build accessibility into planning frameworks.

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