Housing and support

Habinteg’s housing and support services enable people to achieve or maintain independent living in their own homes. We aim to develop people’s capacity to live independently, or support and sustain their capacity to do so.

We provide housing related support for people who wish to live independently within the community. People with a physical disability, long term conditions such as multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS related conditions, and / or varying degrees of sight and hearing loss that can affect communication, mobility and access to information.

We also work in partnership with appropriate agencies for people with physical and or neurological impairments who may have multiple support and care needs.

Our service is intended to be preventative and enabling, with staff advising and supporting people to do things for themselves rather than doing things on their behalf.

Our service outcomes

We hope that the outcomes of our services will be to:

  • Promote quality of life, independence and inclusion
  • Prevent homelessness and events leading to homelessness
  • Rebuild lives
  • Promote and enable opportunities for independent living 

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Support staff

Habinteg provides support through our front line staff called Community Assistants. Community Assistants typically spend about 40% of their time on support related activities. The remainder being taken up with housing management duties. Some of our services require that staff spend a greater proportion of their time on support activities, for example when providing higher levels of support.
In the case of some of our floating support services, we have dedicated support workers who spend all of their time carrying out support. 

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Support contracts

We provide support under contract to the local authority. There are two types of contract – floating support and supported housing. The majority of our contracts are for supported housing. 

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Supported housing

Supported housing means that certain properties are designated as properties for people who need housing related support or special design features, such as wheelchair standard accommodation. 

In these properties, support is provided as a combined package with housing management services – the Community Assistant provides both support and housing management. There is a charge for the support service, and this is included in the total charge payable on the property.

Because of the combined package of support and housing management, the supported housing properties are managed in a slightly different way to ordinary general needs housing.

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Floating support

In some local authority areas, we have what are known as floating support contracts. In these contracts, the support is not provided in specially designated properties, but can be provided in any of Habinteg’s properties. We can also provide this type of support to people who are not Habinteg tenants.

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